All in one Cleaning Kit

All in one Cleaning Kit
All in one Cleaning Kit
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All in one Cleaning Kit
Easily clean your monitor screen, keyboard or glare filters. Includes 1-1/10-oz. pump bottle of non-streaking antistatic cleaning solution and five replacement wipes. Use it on laptop screens, computer monitors, flat screens (LCD & Plasma), touch screens, coated eyewear, photo & video optics, iPod & iPhone, instrument clusters, & more!

The Air Blower pumps out a powerful jet stream of air to clean cameras, lenses and computers. Has a very firm grip and is ready for re-use after each "squeeze".

Will not "suck in" air or dust that can be expelled with next use.

LCD Air Blower cleaning kit Package Includes:
  • 1 x Air Blower.
  • 1 x Spray Cleaner.
  • 1 x Brush.
  • 1 x 50 sheets lens cleaning paper.
  • 1 x microfiber cloth.

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